Trusted suppliers – Without them nothing would materialize.
Hiking the mountains in Southern China on a Sunday away from work.
Photo: Blanking

Great engineers – Toshiya Ando being one and one of the creators of G-Schock.
Enjoying his custom made carbon fibre trumpet in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo.
Photo: Blanking

Product Managers – Laurent Asal at Morel-France has met up with plenty of patience and dedication during a number of eyewear collections for ÖGA.
Photo: Blanking

Team work – Elmar Stimpfl, Dieter Fleckinger and Gerhard Haemmerli during unbelievably efficient work sessions.
Photo: Blanking

Friends – They test, support and criticize.
Rider Olle Lundstrom in Chamonix during joy and trials.
Thanks guysIt !
Photo: Blanking

Who is selling your product – The MJ Soft team/Japan, representing Boblbee after Zujo.
Japan consistently has been Boblbee’s single most important market.

It’s not all about work – Enjoying local culture with friend Akira Agatsuma, and yes…so important.
Photo: Akira Agatsuma