The Studio – Meeting room during the sunny side of the year.
Malmoe Sweden with twenty minutes direct train link to Copenhagen airport – Denmark.

The Studio – Sculpture in Corian (Dupont™ – aluminum oxide) from school days at Art Center College of Design. The chair sculpture has seen a decade of snow storms, tormenting rains and baking sun. Never looked better.

The Studio – Art, apparel and product design within the same space.

The Studio – Design and development is only successful in collaboration with clients and suppliers. A major part of the work is  done out of the studio on the factory floor, at hotel rooms or during flights.
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Meeting point Hong Kong – A major hub for development and business. My second home town and a good place to summon for reviews.
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Tradition of business – Understanding local traditions and business ethics is part of a long earned experience. With projects on three continents for two decades it helps the work flow.
– Igniting fireworks for the celebration of the Chineses New Year, taking place in February, which affect sourcing planing as factories close for a short month.

Tradition of business – Luckily, traditions are not the same all over the globe, and an inspiration for cultural understanding.
We embrace differences.
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Product understanding – Sometimes projects take you to new places. Cross over thinking between market segments can provide new input to a project, and important for any brainstorming session.
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A hot spot – Malmoe has been an international harbor city for half a millennia, and no less today. With excellent infrastructure and beautiful surroundings, you are most welcome to visit.
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