Jonas Blanking work out of his studio in Sweden, or on location during his travelling. His work depicts society as an ambiguous place, for both its beauty and as an organism to question. With a palette of classical skills as well as industrial processes, his works take on a variety of expressions.
“There is always a vision when I start, the sheet is never blank, but on occasion the artwork finds me; a situation, a traffic scene, a piece of scrap or drift wood, or a sentence heard. But there is always a context, why society, the situation or the object affected me.
We live in a collective, within a mass of people and a mass of input, but as an object we are alone. It’s a challenging paradox, and solitude, as both strength and weakness, is often present within the work, although not always visible up front”.

Jonas Blanking is currently working on the theme — The Power of One, inspired by societies change in the Far East, as he’s been acting within the region for the last twenty years. “I wish to question the individual’s position, their gains and losses and their place within an invisible super structure”.


Other works will be published at www.jonasblanking.com

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