Jonas Blanking combines his creative output between design and the arts, and with a profound interest for nature. His projects often involve the full span from first sketch to actual realisation, and with a deep understanding of materials, what they represent and how they behave.
“The vantage point of designing a commercial product, and expressing your thoughts through the arts, can be rewardingly different. The parametric understanding of manufacturing and market mechanisms, in combination with the philosophical values of artistic expressions, provide a broad conceptual menu for both clients and viewers. It is a driving combination that propels concept development and innovation without losing a humanistic context”.

Jonas Blanking was raised within the world of advertising and educated at the Art Center College of Design in Switzerland, with a degree in Product Design awarded with distinction. He initiated his career as car- and product designer at IDEA Institute I Turin Italy, in the early nineties, with work for Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lexus, Ferrari, B&B Italia and a further wide range of projects, beside independent projects for the Italian marine sector.Invited to join the Lyon based French studio, Barré & Associés, in ´92, for sporting goods projects for Salomon, including the brand’s very first carving skiis, he also completed projects for Alcatel, Valrhona, Deglon, Cointreaux and several more. Upon returning to Scandinavia he joined Kontrapunkt, a Danish iconic design firm, with projects for Novo Nordisk, Compeed, Lego and corporate identity projects for numerous companies, including the identity for the Danish Post.

Jonas Blanking has worked independently since ´94 with Blanking Design as the platform for a broad range of product, automotive and sport fashion clients. In ´95 Blanking teamed up with French eyewear manufacturer Morel, for the creation of the high-end ÖGA eyewear line, which led to a long relationship, multiple awards and a brand today present in sixty countries.Blanking Design also manages its own projects and manufacturing base. One such project is the work for a protective backpack initiated in ´94, with its patents and prototypes providing the foundation for the brand BOBLBEE. The Boblbee company was founded in ´97 together with Patrick Bernstein and Sam Bonnier and launched to market in ´98. During the years of focus with Boblbee, Jonas Blanking has created numerous products and collections, which have become iconic, award wining and part of design collections around the world, including prestigious collaborations with market giants such as Nike, Yamaha and Disney.

Jonas Blanking’s consistent and innovative work, which spans from product design to brand building and with an unusual grasp on the complete value chain, from manufacturing to sales, has resulted in both business and design awards. In 2006 Blanking received the accomplishment award Best Ambassador by the City Council of his Swedish home tome Malmoe, for his international design work, entrepreneurial skills, and Boblbee’s widespread acclaim.


  • Red Dot Award – Trioc 3D mouse
  • Accomplishment Award – Best Malmoe Ambassador 2006
  • IDSA Bronze Award – Nike Epic – Business Week
  • Red Dot Award – Amphib — Boblbee
  • G-Mark Award – Speedy — Boblbee
  • G-Mark Award – Conga — Boblbee
  • Swedish Design Price Nomination – Poseidon
  • Excellent Swedish Design – Conga — Boblbee
  • Excellent Swedish Design – Scorpia — Boblbee
  • Good Design Award Chicago Architectural Aetheneum – Megalopolis/Boblbee
  • G-Mark Gold Medal – ÖGA 800 Wood – Japan 2002
  • Silmo Grand Prix Nomination — ÖGA – France 2001
  • G-Mark Gold Medal – Megalopolis — Boblbee – Japan 2000
  • Japan Sweden Trade Award – Boblbee market implementation 2000
  • IG Award – Boblbee Identity – Denmark 1999